Md. Maksudul Islam Mamun

Head of The Department, Engineering Department

Mobile No- 01749173047

Md. Monjurul Islam

Head of The Department, Textile (Diploma Section)

Mobile No- 01941733332

Mst samima khanom

Co-ordinator- Computer & Data Tele. & Net. Technology

Mobile No- 01794131771

Azizun Nessa Chow.

Coordinator, Electrical and Electronic Technology

Mobile No- 01911048434

Mohammad Asanuzzaman

Lecturer, Business Studies, RS Department

Mobile No- 01842747447

Uzzal Chandra Das

Co-ordinator, Mechanical & Automobile

Mobile No- 01309297373

Romana Perveen

Lecturer, Mathematics, RS Department

Mobile No- 01750092702

Md.Jahid Alam Riad

Lecturer,Computer & Data Tele. & Net. Technology

Mobile No-01624567161

Rishat Reza

Instructor, Architecture Department

Mobile No- 01775262798

Hironmoy Baral

Lecturer (Acting Co-ordinator),Civil & Surveying Technology

Mobile No- 01719830316

Sabiha Dilruba

Lecturer, Electrical Engineering Department

Mobile No- 01933993734

Md. Mukter Hossain

Lecturer, Computer & Data Tele. & Net. Technology

Mobile No- 01750226838

Suman halder

Instructor, Mechanical Department

Mobile No- 01770937680

Sadia Afrin

Lecturer, Civil Technology

Mobile No- 01745582755

Md Shahin Hossain

Lecturer,Computer & Data Tele. & Net. Technology

Mobile No- 01792333737

Rashed Sarder

Lecturer, Electrical and Electronics Department.

Mobile No- 01743199091

Md. Parvez Mosharaf

Lecturer, Mechanical Department

Mobile No-01515676791

Mowsumi Khanam

Lecturer, Computer Department

Mobile No- 01888008683