Diploma in Marine Engineering

Diploma in Marine Engineering




About this course

Welcome to the Department of Marine Engineering

The department of Marine Engineering starts its journey at ISTT in 2012. The department is enriched with a group of high qualified teachers having vast experience, good result & intelligence. As well as the department is enriched with super structural lab & multimedia projection class. Students seeking the degree (Diploma in Engineering in Marine Technology) must complete a series of subjects in four year program.


Why should you choose Marine Engineering Technology?


Having a great career after completing higher education was easier before this generation. But now the situation has been changed. Because there is a huge number of students who are studying on general subjects. So they’ve to face a strong competition on job sector. Beside that exceptional job field doesn’t get qualified employee. In this situation some students are trying to study and build up their career on exceptional subjects. Marine engineering is such an option.



Marine engineering is a special part of engineering. In this subject students can learn about sea vessel, doc and land based engine installation, operation & maintenance, navigation, ship designing and building, machine design, tools mechanism, power plant engineering and so on.



Marine engineering has become the top most wanted career in recent times. One can earn a lot of money as well as can travel also. Marine engineering is a challenging, economically glorious and adventurous occupation. In this profession govemental nongovemental along with domestic and abroad flag carrier ship’s engineer all over the world, became self-dependent and contribute the economic prosperity for the country.  A diploma marine engineer has a great oportunity to competence on land or sea according to his preference. Marine engineering is recognizing as an honorable job in the advanced world. A diploma marine engineer can build up himself as a successful sailor in a short period.

Marine engineering is one of those sectors which can surely be a career to earn a lot of money. The reason behind it, now a days 90% product of world business are transporting by shipping industries. Every year 50 thousand merchant ship earn almost 200 Billion US Dollar. Now a days more than 150 countries of world feed regimented almost 1.3 million seafarers are working on shipping sector. Most of the senior officers are from advanced world of them. It’s mentionable that, presently there’s a vacancy of 1 lakh marine engineer and 5 lakh sailors on international shipping agencies. Thus there has been a huge demand for mariners in Bangladesh.





A marine diploma graduate can work on various government sectors. As like ministry of navy, Bangladesh Inland water transport authority(BIWTA), Bangladesh shipping corporation(BSC), department of fisheries, department of oil, gas and mineral, Mongla port, Bangladesh power development board and so on. They can work as instructor in Government marine institute and government polytechnic institutes. Besides that they can join on Bangladesh navy as a commissioned officer.

Half govt. company like Petrobangla, Titash Gas, DESCO and autonomous power plants also expect marine engineer as their stuff.


A marine diploma engineer can work as engineer on power plant, diesel and gas engine operation and maintenance, various non govt. ship, shipyard, dockyard, engine manufacturing company, lubricating oil company etc. After completing diploma on marine engineering you can earn scholarship for higher studies on abroad and after that you can build up your career there.

So we can say that marine engineering is a dream career.


ISTT has started admission for marine technology from 2012-13. ISTT have already make more than 100 students graduate as marine engineer.

Total Graduets Working Inland Abroad Higher Study
120 80 60 20 52


ISTT is promised to make versatile marine graduates. Students learn here through the most advanced technology and proper rich laboratory.

Every year we arrange study tour and ship visit to make our students practically capable with modern knowledge for the upcoming competition on workplace.


ISTT is committed to confirm the marine graduates for job placement or job facilities. Many organizations have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for job placement with ISTT. The placement of graduates is arranged according to the potential vacancies in the field of marine technology and job market. All workplace information is provided to the students through Career Counseling, Career Workshop and Training. So that a student can prepare himself in a well-planned way. According to the curriculum of Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB) in 8th semester industrial training, ISTT has been ensuring placement of cent percent students. At the end of the industrial training, most of the students are recruited in the same organization as they are ahead of others in their qualifications and efficiency.

Course Curriculum

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First Year
1st Semester
  • Graded: Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • Reading: Project/Industry Attachment
First Year
2nd semester
At a glance


04 Years


SSC passed with min. GPA-2.00


182000 BDT