Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology




About this course

Program background:

Mechanical engineering is the starting point of civilization. The path of engineering begins with mechanical engineering. The wheel is said to be the earliest symbol of civilization through which mechanical engineering emerged. In that continuity, mechanical engineering is the most important subject in the engineering sector. The present age is called the age of mechanical civilization. We can’t imagine a single moment without mechanics. And with the help of this mechanism, civilization is moving forward, people’s lives are gaining momentum, our economic activities are moving forward.

Objectives of the course:

Mechanical Engineering, where mechanical engineering is discussed in detail. The main part of the economic activities of our country is the mechanical engineering department. The main driving force of each of our activities is the machine. So our goal is to develop students as skilled in mechanical engineering.

Purpose of Education:

In this age of mechanics, our goal is to average students as skilled engineers after completing 4 years of Diploma in Engineering. Learning to work realistically and hand in hand can be applied in the workplace and can lead to personal, family, social and state development of the student.

Course Teachings:

At the end of four years of Diploma in Engineering, our goal is to develop the student into a skilled and acceptable engineer. We strive to acquire skills in the workshop as well as to provide continuous education and moral education. We focus on how to apply skills in the workplace. A student studying for four years Diploma in Engineering, lathe machine, shaper machine, planer machine, grinding machine, cnc machine, other machine operation, various machine parts manufacturing, arc welding, gas welding, tig welding, other welding Can acquire skills.

Force matters:

Workplace of Mechanical Engineering:

Government Works: Bangladesh Railway, Ministry of Defense, Water Development Board, WASA, Government Power Generation Center, RAJUK, City Corporation, Upazila Parishad, Municipality, Rural Power, Bangladesh Power Development Board, Government Bank, Government Polytechnic, TTC, Technical Training Center and Can join as a second class officer in all government departments.

Autonomous organizations:

PGCB, DPDC, DESCO, NESCO, BREB, WZPGCL, NWPGCL, various autonomous power plants etc.
Private sector: Foundry and manufacturing factories, industries, garments, textiles, various industrial factories in the country require a large number of mechanical engineers. A large part of the students end their education life and develop themselves as entrepreneurs.

At a glance


04 Years


SSC passed with min. GPA-2.00


124000 BDT