MBA in Apparel Merchandising

MBA in Apparel Merchandising


Md Saiful Islam


About this course


About this course

MBA in Apparel Merchandising is one of resourceful and prestigious course in Bangladesh. The aims of this program is to enhance the students’ perception of the commercial environment and matching them with professional understanding of Apparel Merchandising, marketing and management principles related to apparel industries.

Program objectives

The main objective of this program is to provide best education with skill to the related field. This program develops the students mind in apparel business in home & abroad.

To provide hands-on experience using a set of complex technologies found in industry today to build prototypical solutions to solve current needs.

To provide experience in responding to market opportunities with creative and competitive products that integrate a set of academic disciplines such as clothing materials, design fundamentals, business fundamentals, sourcing, costing &consumption, visual merchandising, data mining of market information, and new developments in material science and engineering

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

Adapt their technological abilities to support their future careers in apparel Industry.

Develop a systematic, critical approach to problem solving at all levels of the apparel production process.

Demonstrate professionalism by managing time to meet deadlines with quality work and effectively collaborating in teams.

Adapt to key technological functions of apparel industry and understanding of industrial engineering and ergonomic techniques.

Be expert in Apparel Merchandising, production, planning, control and management practices applicable in the apparel industries.

Potential Employment Market

Successful post graduates will get a position for Merchandiser, Industrial Engineer, Factory Manager, Production Manager, Quality assurance Manager, Compliance Manager, Supply Chain Manager in home and abroad.


Course Curriculum


Syllabus for National University

MBA in Apparel Merchandising


Course Structure:

Course Category No. of Courses Credit /course Total Credits
Foundation 5 3 15
Core 8 3 24
Major 4 3 12
Free Elective (minor) 2 3 3
Internship 1 3 3
Total 20 3 60

The total credit hour for MBA Program is 60. Semester-wise distribution of credit hour is shown below:

Semester  Credit Hour
First 15
Second 15
Third 15
Fourth 15
Total Credit Hours 60






Semester-wise allocation of courses:

[FC: Foundation Course, CC: Core Course, MC: Major Course, EC: Free Elective Course]

1st Semester:

Course Code Name of the Course Credit Remarks
CC 101 Basic Textile Science:  Fiber to Fabric Manufacturing 3  
FC 101 Advanced Apparel Production Process 3  
MC 101 Financial Accounting 3  
FC 102 Management of Organizations 3  
CC 102 Chemical Processing, Finishing & Washing of Apparels 3  
Total 15  


2nd Semester:

Course Code Name of the Course Credits Remarks
FC 203 Production, Supply Chain and Logistics Management in Apparel Industries 3  
CC 203 Advanced Testing and Quality Management 3  
CC 204 Business Law & IPR 3  
FC 204 Human Resource Management 3  
MC 202 Apparel Fashion and Design 3  
Total 15  


3rd Semester:

Course Code Name of the Course Credits Remarks
CC 305 Advanced Pattern and CAD in Apparel Production 3  
CC 306 Entrepreneurship in Apparel Industry 3  
FC 305 Managerial Communication 3  
CC 307 Management Information System 3  
EC Elective-1(International Textile Standards & Social Compliance 3  
Total 15  


4th Semester:

Course Code Name of the Course Credits Remarks
CC 408  Managerial Economics 3  
MC 403 Apparel Merchandising 3  
MC 404 Manufacturing and Operations Managements 3  
EC Elective-2, Garments Construction & Apparel Engineering) 3  
AM 100 Internship and Dissertation 3  
Total 15  


List of Elective Subjects (any two):

Course code Name of the Course Credits Remarks
EC 007 International Trade & Import Export Management 3  
EC 008 International Business Operations 3  
EC 009 International Textile Standards & Social Compliance 3  
EC 501 Introduction of Textiles and Elements of Fashion Design          3  
EC 503 Fashion Advertising & Sales Promotion 3  
EC 504 Marketing Research and Product Development 3  
EC 505 Consumer Behavior  in Apparel Industry 3  
EC 506 Garments Construction & Apparel Engineering 3  
EC 507 Fashion Forecasting 3  




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98500 BDT