Message From Founder

Late Gazi M. A. Salam

Founder, ISTT

Education plays the most important role in the welfare of all the creations of the world. It is education and only education that is essential to nourish, expand and to make this world a suitable place for living. One can hardly deny the indispensability of education in economic & social freedom, behavioral discipline and satisfying our fundamental needs from a logical point of view. Therefore, it is often said “Education is the backbone of the Nation.”

But the failure of education in strengthening the nation’s backbone transforming this world into a cruel and lifeless place. Should education be blamed for this situation, or does the flaw lie somewhere? It is an inevitable truth and proven fact that education is our basic need. But the questions are what type of education? Where that education should be achieved from? And most importantly, when that education can be practically applied? Appropriate answers to these questions are the areas of concentration for the educational legislators.

” I need the earth & the earth needs me” The man and the earth are eternally related by a close and inseparable bond. In the case of an untimely and unsuccessful application of education, this world can not be nourished towards the benefit of mankind, and as a result the eternal relationship becomes fragile.

The legislators, diplomats and decision makers in the education sector must have the foresight to assess the needs of this ever changing world and design an effective plan in order to ensure the commitment of the Institutions and promote time-befitting education instead of traditional one.

There is a recent trend of practical and technology based education in Bangladesh. A number of educational initiators, researchers and entrepreneurs are relentlessly working hard toward a more efficient & effective management of textile industry.

With the blessing of the elders and love & care of the beloved students, School of Textile & Fashion Management has been established with the objective to develop future human resources in this sector. We are prepared to do our best to implement our National curriculum through Institute of Science, Trade & Technology (ISTT)